MannyJury for Android

This short documentation describes the Android specific differences of the usage.
The general handling of the PC-based version is assumed to be known or can be read on the WeBo homepage.

How can I work with MannyJury

In terms of operation, the Android version does not differ significantly from the PC variants. There are only the following differences regarding the judgement.

The display of the exercises as well as the assigned judgement is identical to the PC version.

In the lower part of the window, all needed jugging Buttons are located.
The arrangement (two or one line) varies depending on the size and orientation of the screen.
The layout automatically adapts to the screen size.

You can adapt the layout of your needs by rotating the tablet.

Long exercise name are split over multiple lines. So it is ensured, that the whole text is readable.

Excercisenumber and points are never displayed in the Androidversion.


With the '+' / 'UNDO' Button 1 you can switch to the undo mode to remove wrong given judgement. If undo-mode is active, 'UNDO' is displayed.
^, v
Witch the arrow keys 2 you can select the current exercise.

Note: A touch on an exercise only set/remove the markup indication, but does not select it for judgement.
With the OK-key 3 the judgement is finalised. The key only gets active, if the arrow down key is pressed after the last exercise.

How can I jugde Online?

The InternetAdapter, needed for the online judgement, is integrated into the Androidversion. You can activate the connection by Menu - Tools - InternetAdapter.

Please follow these instructions, when using the InternetAdapter:

  1. start the application
  2. If the Connect Dialog appears press 'Cancel'
    In the green bar at the top '-- unbenutzbar ---' is displayed
  3. activate the server connection by Menu - Tools - InternetAdapter
  4. wait until connected and close the dialog with 'OK'
  5. press Menu - File - connect to reopen the Connect dialog
    choose the needed area and judging group