What is MannyTraining ?

MannyTraining is free software for the computer based judging in the artistic cycling training. MannyTraining is based on 'WeBo', a software for evaluation-sheets. The handling is similar to the popular competition.-Software 'Manny' by Daniel Kratschmar and myself.
Additional to the print of the judgings as evaluation-sheet or training-sheet you have the opportunity to export your data. So it is possible to do extensive statistic analyses.

I hope, all trainer will have less paperwork using this software. Simultaneous you have the opportunity, to become acquainted with computer based judging. So you as a trainer can practice the key assignments for the activity of commissaires.

Furthermore I want to thank all 'Beta'-testers, especially Rolf Halter for all the helpful remarks.

I would be glad, if you recommend MannyTraining.

table of contents

Which requiements do I need ?
How can I install MannyTraining ?
How can I work with MannyTraining?
   How can I import data ?
   How can I choose an evanluation-sheet?
   How can I display/ delete judgings?
   How can I export data?

How can I do judgements?
   How can I stop the time?
   How can I configure the clock?
   How can I select exercises?
   How can I do devaluation?
   How can I finish the judgement?

How can I judge with touchscreen?

Tips and tricks
   How can I change the minute-sound?
   How can I do statistical analysis?

Which requirements do I need?

WeBo was developed on the oldest possible operating system and at reused hardware. The were performed on different system versions as well as on different hardware. The Linux version has been tested on Ubuntu 14.4 (64-bit) and Debian 5.0 (32-bit). The Windows Version has been tested on XP, 7 and 10.

So there should be a big availability (with current status of technology) with low hardware requirements.

How can I install MannyTraining ?

please proceed as follows:

  1. Create an empty directory (e.g. MannyTraining )
  2. unpack (or copy) MannyTraining in this directory

In the target directory there will be  (after copying) a script/batch 'Training2008'. Please start the application always with this script/batch 'Training2008'. Only then you will have all important settings.

How can I work with MannyTraining?

The handling of MannyTraining is similar to WeBo. In the main window you can find all necessary operating elements for the administration and processing of the data. For the judging will open a new window.

With MannyTraining you can only do judgings for existing evaluation-sheets. So you have to import the relevant evaluation-sheets from a software for evaluation-sheets (e.g. 'WeBO' ) before!

How can I import data ?

MannyTraining has the extensive import filter of WeBo. So you can import and process existing data.
To import data, open the menu 'File'-Import' or click the 'Import'-button in main windows of MannyTraining. In both cases will open a dialogue window. Here you can choose format and name of the file, you want to import.
supported formats:

The necassary steps for the data transfer from the different software you can read in the documentation of WeBo.

If your past evaluation-sheet-application has the option for XML-Export, you should export the data as XML and import this data in WeBo as XML.

How can I choose an evaluation-sheet?

For the choice of the (previously imported) evaluation-sheet, several input fields are available in the upper part.


After you choose the discipline 1 in the first row, you have the choice 2 of all riders/ teams of this discipline.
Than you can choose the required evaluation-sheet 3. Behind this field, you can see the points (4).

Furthermore you have the following editing options here.


By clicking this button, the editing of the text in the left is this button will be allowed or forbidden. To confirm your input, click the <ENTER>-key.
The editing of the name of the evaluation-sheet is always possible. But you can only change the name of the competitor for team 4 and 6
To inhibit unintentional changes it is advisably to activate the editing only when you need it.

note: MannyTraining forms the name (when you import) of the competitors with the following rules:
  • Single: the name of the rider is inserted in the form Firstname Surname
  • Pair: the surnames of the riders, the order as on the evaluation-sheet ( 'Surname 1 / Surname 2' )
  • team 4 and 6: the name of the club. Because this is not uniquely defined, you have the option to change this name.
    In all evaluation-sheets, where the same riders in the same order and the same discipline are contained in, MannyTraining use this name.

By clicking this button you can deletey evaluation-sheets you does not need anymore.
(This is only possible, when you did not do use this evaluation-sheet for judgings.)

How can I display/ delete judgings?

Under the selction of the evaluation-sheet you will see a list of the existing judgings. You can select in this list any way you want. Click the headline again to change between descending and ascending order.

You can:

the selected judgings.

For display or print you have the option evaluation- or training-sheet. It dependson the format, how manny judgings you can see on one sheet (max. 4). If no judging is selected, MannyTraining prints an empty evaluation- or training-sheet.

How can I export data?

You can export the data of judgings as 'CSV' for statistical analysis in Excel or OpenOffice. You cannot do statistical analysis in MannyTraining.

The CSV-format is as follows:

Additionally you have the option exporting the judgings as PDF.
You just have to choose 'Print' and activate in the printer dialog the option 'printing to file'.

In Linux you can directly type in the name of the file.

In Windows an additional dialogue will be opened (after closing the print dialogue), where you can ype in the name of the file.

The PDF-document can be displayed with the Acrobat-Reader. You also can send the PDF via e-mail.

How can I do judgements?

By clicking of the button 'new judgement', the following evaluation-window for the actual selected evaluation-sheet will open. If a new window does not open, no evaluation-sheet is selected.

In the screenshot, the Name of Exercise column very short. When you spread the window, the whole additional space will use to display the Exercise Name.

How can I stop the time?

You can see the clock int at the top right of the evaluation-window. You can start and top the clock by clicking with the mouse or your finger (touch) or with the keyboard.

At the beginning you can find the button for the Start of the clock 1. When the clock runs, this button will be the stopp-button.

The description of configuration possibilities 2 you can find on the right.

When you stop the clock, you either have the option to continue the time 3 (e.g. after a fall), or reset the clock 4.

How can I configure the clock?

When you click on the clock (top right) you have the opportunity to configure the clock:


You have the following opportunities:

  1. Turn the minute-sound on or off
  2. Choose the start-time (when you forgot to start the time at the beginning)
  3. Start the clock with the present time.
  4. Choose the minute-signal:
    - 'beep' a pipe-sound
    - '.wav' voice-output

For the jugements in MannyTraining the maximum time is 8:00 minutes.

How can I select exercises ?

You can change the selection of different exercises with the keyboard. Use the 'down' or 'up' cursor-button.

How can I do devaluation ?

You always do devaluations for the selected exercise!
To make devaluation at the selected exercise, click the relevant key of the devaluation.  You can see the keys of  devaluation at the right site of the evaluation-window. Currently the  keyboard layouts of Manny and Kuwett are supported by MannyTraining.

To make several devaluations, press the respective key more times. You can see the count of the devaluation (or percent) in the respective column.

If you make to much devaluations and want to correct this, click:

and additionally the correspondingly devaluations-key.

In the following table you can see the keys, you have to use.
devaluation Manny-keyboard Kuwett-keyboard
X   Q F6
wave   W F8
line   E F10
circle   R F12
percent   L F4
tactical   K F2
undo(additionally to the devaluation)  <shift> <Ctrl> (Control)

To switch the keyboard-layout, click the 'Properties'-button in main windows. Than you can switch between Manny and Kuwett. Of course, the Manny keyboard-layout is preselected.

How can I finish the judgement ?

When you press 'cursor-down' after the last exercises of the evaluation-sheet, you will see on the right bottom (below the keyboard layout) the note to finish the evaluation-sheet. 
You did devaluation for all exercises. You can finish the evaluation by clicking the button between ' '.  press '->'
to finish
The evaluation is finished.
You cannot do inputs anymore.
evaluation finished

If the evaluation is finished, you have to close all windows to get to the main window.

How can I judge with touchscreen?

By clicking of the button 'new judgement', the following evaluation-window for the actual selected evaluation-sheet will open. If a new window does not open, no evaluation-sheet is selected.

In the lower part of the window all needed buttons can be found.
The layout (one or two rows) depends on the dimension and the orientation (landscape/portrait) of the screen.

The size of the elements will be adapted to the size of the screen - scrolling is impossible!

If not all buttons are visible, please swap between Landscape/portrait or narrow the font size before starting the judgement.


touching the clock, starts/stopps the clock

The opportunity to configure the clock is reachable by the menu.
+ The '+' / '-' Button swappes between devaluation and correction of the judgement. 
^, v
With the arrow buttons you can select the exercises.

A direct touch at an exercise mark this, but not select it!
The OK button finalises the judgement.
You must press 'arrow-down' button after the last exercises of the evaluation-sheet to activate the OK button.

The additional buttons for Abort or correct the judgement are placed in the menu bar.

Tips and tricks

How can I change the minute-sound?

In Linux at currently not !

In Windows this is possible, when you change the '.wav'-files.
MannyTraining searchs for a file 'n.wav' in the subdirectory 'WAVE'. 'n' is the minute as a number. If this file exists, it will be replayed, when the minute changes.

How can I do statistical analysis?

In the directory of MannyTraining exists an example for statistical analysis 'Auswertung.xls'. Here you can see, how you can use and process the exportetd data. But there are no limits for your own ideas.

Choose the respective evaluation-sheet and select all judgements you want in the list. Export this as 'CSV'.

Start your Office-software (Excel or OpenOffice) and proceed as follows:

  1. Open the 'CSV'-file
    When you use OpenOffice, OpenOffice asks what column delimiter is. This is 'semicolon' (;).
  2. When you can see the data, select the whole sheet (with Ctrl-A) and copy it (Ctrl-C) in the clipboard.
  3. Open the file'Auswertung.xls' in a new window.
    (This is an example for the analysis for up to 10 judgements)
  4. Choose the table 'Wertung' (tab an the left bottom). Select the cell A1 (left top) in this table.
  5. Paste (Ctrl-V) the data from the clipboard here.

Now you have a statistical analysis, based on the data of your judgements.
Please save the analysis as a new file. So you will not overwrite your data when you do your next statistical analysis.