What is WeBo ?

WeBo is 'Freeware', so it is free of charge.

WeBo was developed with help of some free libraries. Therefore I want to say thanks to Furthermore I want to thank Daniel Kratschmar for the constructive cooperation during development. So WeBo could benefit from the experiences of Biky5.0.

WeBo will always be free Software. This mean, WeBo supports all open formats for Import and Export of your saved data.

I would be glad, if you recommend WeBo.

table of contents

Why should I use WeBo?

Which requirements do I need?

How can I install WeBo?

How can I import data?

Biky /WeBo XML
RadNet Meldedatei
Kuras / Kuwett

How can I work with WeBo?

Overview of the existing data
How can I change the sort?
How can I create/ edit?
How can I create/ edit riders?
Why should I use teams?
How can I create/ edit teams?
How can I create/ edit evaluation-sheets?

How can I create an entry form (export data)?

How to get the competitions?

How do I get help with the regulations?

What do I have to pay attention, when the regulations change?

Tips and tricks

How can I use my touchscreen?
How can I change the font?
What are tooltips?
How can I change the agegroup?
How can I change the order of the lists?
How can I change the column width in the lists?
How can I create a PDF-document?
How can I save my data?
How can I conform the agegroups of all evaluation-sheets?

Which problems can you have with WeBo?

Why should I use WeBo ?

WeBo do not want to supplant existing software  - WeBo wants to give you the opportunity,

In WeBo is the manageability of all input components very important. Therefore WeBo includes

Furthermore the data between Windows and LINUX Version are compatible, so also a later switching is possible with no trouble.

Which requirements do I need?

WeBo was developed on the oldest possible operating system and at reused hardware. The were performed on different system versions as well as on different hardware. The Linux version has been tested on Ubuntu 14.4 (64-bit) and Debian 5.0 (32-bit). The Windows Version has been tested on XP, 7 and 10.

So there should be a big availability (with current status of technology) with low hardware requirements.

How can I install WeBo?

please proceed as follows:

  1. Create an empty directory (e.g. WeBo )
  2. unpack (or copy) WeBo in this directory

In the target directory there will be  (after copying) a script/batch 'WeBo'. Please start the application always with this script/batch 'WeBo'. Only then you will have all important settings.

How can I import data?

In WeBo you can import and process existing data.

To import data, open the menu 'File'-Import' or click the 'Import'-button in main windows of WeBo. In both cases will open a dialogue window. Here you can choose format and name of the file, you want to import.

supported formats

When you click on 'interactive', all evaluation-sheets of the import-file will be opened. So you can choose, which evaluation-sheet you want to import and which not.

Following you can find the necessary steps for the data import from each existing application.

If your past evaluation-sheet-application has the option for XML-Export, you should export the data as XML and import this data in WeBo as XML.

Biky / WeBo XML

All versions of Biky and WeBo have XML-Export. In this case you can export the data using this interface and import this in WeBo. You should prefer using this data format.

RadNet Meldedatei

WeBo supports the format of the 'BDR´s entry form portal'.

Kuras / Kuwett

You can import, but not export the formats of Kuras and Kuwett.

The RadNet and Kuras formats are proprietary. Therefore I cannot exclude import-errors, if the developer of this application change something at their export-data.

In Kuras, the competitor (single, pair, ACT4, ACT6) and not the rider has a gender. Therefore sometimes the rider dialogue will appear during import to select the gender.

How can I work with WeBo ?

The user interface of WeBo is similar to Biky 5.x. In contrast to Biky, you make all your entries in seperated dialogues. WeBo will save the data in the database only after you clicked on the 'save-button'.

Overview of the existing data

On the left site of the main window there is the overview of the existing data sets. With the tabs you can switch between the views competitor(Evaluation-sheets) - riders- clubs. The active view is highlighted.
With the small boxes leftmost of a row you can choose one or more data sets.

The buttons below the overview perform the actions

data set/s.

Exception is 'New' - here is always only one data set created.
Additionally you can edit data sets by double-clicking. With the right mouse-button you can edit, delete or dublicate a single data set.

The functions 'Print' and 'Export' (to the right of the overview ) refer to all selcted Evaluation-sheets.

How can I change the sort?

Essentially the entries are sorted by the selected column. You can order alphabetic, ascending or descending.
To sort by a particular column, click the desired column head. Click the headline again to change between descending and ascending order.

For sorting of the competitors (Evaluation-sheets) there is the additional columnn 'sort'. Here you can mark competitors as favorites.
You can make/ remove the selection by double-click (left mouse button) in the column 'sort' of the desired competitor. For confirmation of input you will see '*'.
To sort the marked competitor(s) at the beginning or end of the list, click the 'sort' column head.

If at least one competitor is marked, at the next start of WeBo the sorting by favourites is activated automatically.

How can I create/ edit clubs ?

In the lower picture you can see how you can edit the club´s data. You also can see the  connection between clubs and entry froms.

In the club data are the name and the nation enough as a clear criterion. The club number is optional.

When you use several WeBo's in your club (e.g. every trainer his/her own), the club data have to be agreed. Only than you can exchange the data correct!

The contact person´s information are interesting for entry form in electronic (XML-Export) and printed format.
If a IT-manager is responsible for several clubs, you can enter the same contact person for every club.

How can I create/ edit riders ?

How you can edit data of riders, you can see in the following dialogue

For every rider you have to enter following data

If a club is missing or written wrong, you have to change the data of the club in the club-dialogue.

The address data are optional and only for internal use. This mean, WeBo will not export this data. Here you have a opportunity to collect this data.

Why should I use teams?

In WeBo the term 'Teams' is used for competitors. This can be single, pair, ACT4 or  ACT6. Insofar the teams in WeBo correspond to the teams of the UCI-rankings - but in all disciplines.

Furthermore the teams in WeBo are a additional possibility, to simplify and improve the management and control of your competitors. The teams in WeBo are another, new opportiunity.
When you do not like it, you can use WeBo without the teams as before.

The teams in WeBo offer the following possibilities:

In the team's overview you can 'drop down' 1 the assigned evaluation-sheets, if you want. 'Rolled up' you can only see the team (name, UCI-team-name, personal record and discipline). So you have a much better clarity.

When you create an evaluation-sheet, you have directly accessed to the teams. The riders and the personal records will adopted automatically. You can also everytime assign a team to an existing evaluation-sheet when you want.

You can delete teams everytime. Than the connection between all belonging evaluation-sheets and the team will delete - the evaluation-sheets themselves will remain unchanged.

You can enter the personal record in the evaluation-sheet or in the team data. In both cases this personal record is adopted for all evaluation-sheets of this team.

Evaluation-sheets, assign to a team, are visible in the overview of the teams 2 as well as in the overview of all evaluation-sheets 3.

How can I create/ edit teams?

How you can edit data of teams, you can see in the following dialog.

The UCI-Team 1 identification will be provided by the UCI. So enter this value only, if it is provided by the UCI.

The name 2 of the teams is used in the overview of the teams and in the selection in the evaluation-sheet. So you can enter a name of your choice.

The attribution of the riders 3 made in the same form as in the evaluation-sheets. WeBo also checks the age here (e.g. a pupil rider is not allowed to start in a elite team).
A competitor community is also possible here. In this case, please activate SG 4.

The team data will be not exported at the moment.

How can I create / edit evaluation-sheets?

The editing of an evaluation-sheet is performed in a seperated dialogue- every evaluation-sheet in an own dialogue. The following dialogue will open, when you choosed an evaluation-sheet from the overview and clicked 'edit'/'dublicate' or by clicking 'new'.

WeBo checks some fundamental dependences during your input. So, the count of the allowed riders depends on the discipline. The highest possible count of exercises depends also on the agegroup.
In general - you only can type in fields with white background!

For new Evaluation-sheets, following order is advisable:

  1. choose the discipline
  2. choose the rider(s)
    (because WeBo calculate the possible agegroups on the basis of the year of birth of the riders)
  3. choose the agegroup, to get the correct highest possible count of exercises

Entering of riders:
You have to enter the name of the riders in the form: Firstname Surname.
You can enter riders

If a rider is missing or contains errors (written wrong/ wrong UCI-Code), you have to edit the data of the rider in the rider dialogue. The data will be directly adopted to the Evaluation-sheet.

Entering of clubs:

The club will be calculated based on the club membership of the first rider. So you cannot type in the club. If you choose a rider, you can only type in riders from the same club.

In all discipline (without single artistic cycling) it is possible in WeBo to constitute a competitor community. In this case, please activate SG. Than you can enter riders from different clubs.

You can only activate the SG-button, when a competitor community is allowed in this discipline. You can change this permits, in the main window by clicking 'Properties - competitor community'.
Take care of the national regulations.

Entering of exercises:
The enter of the exercises can be made with the Exercise- No., Name of Exercise or per Drag&Drop.
You can enter exercises

In both cases auto completion is availabe. If you already entered an exercise, the list will open at the belonging position.

With the middle or left mouse button you can paste exercises from the regulations or from other evaluation-sheets. Within an evaluation-sheet you can move exercises with the mouse.

You can only enter exercices of the current selected discipline.

When you enter directly, WeBo searchs for agreements of the first letter. This mean, when you enter 'Handstand' the search will not be successful, because the name of the exercise is 'Handlebar Handstand'. In such cases, the 'big regulations' will help you.


This buttons enable the output of the actual evaluation- or training-Sheet to a printer or screen
note: The output is without check, so you can also print an empty or incorrect evaluation-sheet
note: The training-Sheet is the display of an evaluation-sheet in landscape format. Here you have the opportunity to do up to 5 judgings.
checks the evaluation-sheet
note: There is also a check before every save. So incorrect evaluation-sheet cannot be stored into the database.
Discards all changes since the last save if nothing was saved yet, WeBo cancels all entries
saves the data in the database
note: you can only save error-free data
closes the dialogue
note: If changes have not yet been saved, WeBo will ask you, if you want to save or discard

How can I create an entry form (export data)?

You can create an entry form in the main window. You will find all neccessary input fields here.

proceed as follows:

  1. Switch in the overview to Evaluation-sheets or teams and choose all competitors, who want to start at this competition (marked with a check mark).
    (below the options you can see the count)
  2. Choose in the lower range the Meldedaten-Verein your club
  3. Please check the contact person´s information!
  4. Fill in the details of the competition

When you fill in the complete details of the competition, WeBo adapts the names of the evalution sheets as follows:

If you want to sustain the original names of the evalution sheets (e.g. when you want to exchange the evaluation-sheets with diffenrent trainer), please do not fill in the details of competition.

If a computer based entry form in 'Biky' or 'WeBo' format is accepted, you can generate and save your entry form by clicking on 'Export'.
Alternativ you can export as PDF. So you can send your entry forms via e-mail to clubs, which do accept a computer based entry form.

For 'paper entry form' following steps are necessary

  1. print the evaluation-sheet
    (choose in the print-menu the required number of evaluation-sheets)
  2. print the entry form

When you export or print, WeBo checks the agegroup (basis of calculating is the date of competition). If a change of the agegroup is necessary, you will be informed. There will also be a request, if the agegroup also should change in the database.

How to get the competitions?

WeBo has an integrated interface to the most popular IndoorCycling Homepages. In the middle of the Mainwindow you have access to the announcements of these homepages.

If you press the internet button 1, all competitions for the selected date plus/minus two days are displayed in an additional window.

In the competition window you can select the different provider at the top 1.
In the main part 2 all available competitions are displayed.
Some competitions are marked as link. In this case, you can open the announcement by clicking on it.

Clicking the OK Button will copy the competition into the main window and close the window.
If you don't want to use a competition, simply close the window.

It may take a while until the data are retrieved from the internet.

Opening a link it may take a while until the needed application will appear.

How do I get help with the regulations?

WeBo supports you at several cases with the regulations. Unfortunately the unicycle regulations are not availible in english yet.
So you can search for exercise direct during the input of the evaluation-sheet.

Here the focus is on the opportunity, to find exercises/ Exercise- No., which are currently not contain in the evaluation-sheet. You also can search for (known) exercises with corresponding points.

The description of the exercises is assumed to be known.

In the 'big' regulations you also have an direct access to the detailed description. This is especially interesting for ACT4 and ACT6, because here are the detailed description not in ascending order in the regulations.

You can open the 'big' regulations

Here you can choose the searched discipline in the upper part 1  and type in the Name of Exercise 3.
Alternative you can type in whole or in part the Exercise- No  2.
When you make entries at 2 and 3, both criteria have to be satisfied.

After clicking the search-button, you will find your search results in the list 4.

When you click the desired exercise here, you will directly get the detailed description (with pictogram) in the lower part 5

Some exercices have related links and animations 6 (Unfortunately not available at the moment)

In the row 'detailed description', browse function is available:
7 navigate forward/back
8 full-text search in the description

9 here you have the option to open the full regulations in artistic cycling or unicycle in PDF.

Despite the greatest care while the data transfer I cannot exclude errors.
In every case, the Original from Kunstradreglement.com is valid !

What do I have to pay attention, when the regulations change ?

If the regulations change at an update, you will get a hint when starting WeBo.

Here you have the opportunity to check all evaluation-sheet for validity of the new regulations .

All no longer valid evaluation-sheets will be opened for editing.

Additionally you will see the result of the check.

You can see easily, which no longer valid Exercise- number is entered.

In the example on the left hand side you can easily 'translate' 1116e in the new number 1116a.

WeBo can only detect no longer valid Exercise- numbers! WeBo cannot detect changed Exercise-numbers!
For example the Exercise- No. 1116a 'Handlebar L-shape hold ' (2008) is now 'Handlebar L-shape hold rev.' (since 2016) !

You can find the function 'Check all sheets' by clicking the tools button in the main window. 

Tips and tricks

How can I use my touchscreen?

If your Windows or Linux PC is equipped with a touchscreen, this will be detected automatically.

At startup you will be ask, if touch support should be activated.

In case of touch support

How can I change the font ?

You can change the font - as well the font and the font style, as the size - in the main window by clicking 'Properties - Font'.
Other additional functions, where you can choose your favorite optics, you can find also in the 'Properties' menu.

What are tooltips ?

You can activate the function 'tooltip' by clicking 'Help - Tooltips' in the main window. When you hover the pointer over an item, without clicking it, maybe a tooltip appear. This is a small "hover box" with helpful information.
With this function, WeBo wants to support your start with the software.

How can I suppress the help at program start ?

The help will be displayed automatically during the start of WeBo, when you entered/ imported not at least one club, so when you already did not work with the applications. So WeBo wants to support your start with the software.

How can I change the Agegroup ?

WeBo checks the Agegroup during input and every time you export. The basis of calculating is the current date or, if present, the date of competition. If the Agegroup in the evaluation-sheet is not valid for this date, WeBo automatically set the lowest (youngest) agegroup. There will also be a request, if the agegroup also should be changed in the database.

The basis of calculating are the rules of the UCI plus the special regulations of the BDR for  ACT4 and ACT6.

How can I change the order of the lists ?

In all lists:

you can change the sort by clicking the header. You can order alphabetic, ascending or descending.

How can I change the column width in the lists ?

In all lists (out of the riders- and exercises-tables in the evaluation-sheet) you can change the width of the columns.
To do this, click (left mouse button) on the column border of the headline. Now you can change the width by hoding the mouse key.

How can I create a PDF-document ?

WeBo can do all print also as PDF !
You just have to choose 'Print' and activate in the printer dialog the option 'printing to file'.


In Linux you can directly type in the name of the file.

Under Windows an additional dialogue will be opened (after closing the print dialogue), where you can ype in the name of the file.

The PDF-document can be displayed with the Acrobat-Reader. You also can send the PDF via e-mail.

How can I save my data?

The function for data backup and restore data is available on the menu 'File'.

With the option 'Save' you have the opportunity to store the acutally database as a file on your hard disk.

With the option 'Open' you can reuse the backup.

When you 'Open' a restore, all previous data will replace.

How can I conform the agegroups of all evaluation-sheets?

You can find the function 'Check all sheets' by clicking the tools button in the main window. 
This button will among other things conform the agegroup of all evaluation-sheets to the current year.

Which problems can you have with WeBo ?

WeBo was developed under Linux, so less problems you will have with this operating system. The Windows Version has been tested under XP, 7 and 10. Problems and changes you can find on our Homepage.